Ongoing projects

  • Project ANR MALADES (2023-2027)
    Adaptable and Sovereign Large Language Models for the French Medical Domain

  • Project PPR Océan et climat (2022-2028)
    FUTURE-OBS - Augmented Observatory for Coastal Socio-Ecosystems

  • Project AID/CNRS NaviTerm (2022-2026)
    Terminological navigation for rapid and personalized skill development in a scientific domain

  • Project ANR Lexhnology (2022-2026)
    Joint linguistic and NLP discourse structure modeling of legal texts for language pedagogy

  • Project ANR PREDHIC (2021-2024)
    Predicting heart failure readmission and mortality using natural language processing

  • Project ANR DIETS (2021-2024)
    Diagnosis/evaluation of end-to-end automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems

  • Project ANR DELICES (2020-2025)
    Indexing Scientific Literature Through Semantic Expansion

Past projects