Two workshops are organized by the TALN team at the French national conference TALN-CORIA 2023.

Both workshops are waiting for submissions: do not hesitate to consult the dedicated websites.

DEFT 2023 (Text Mining Challenge)

Created in 2005 in the image of the TREC and MUC campaigns, the Défi Fouille de Texte is a French-speaking evaluation campaign which each year proposes to compare the methods of several research teams on a regularly renewed theme.

This new edition of the challenge will focus on the implementation of approaches to automatically answer multiple-choice questionnaires from annals of pharmacy exams. The corpus used, FrenchMedMCQA, is composed of closed questions in French taken from annals of pharmacy exams. Each question contains: an identifier, the question, five options and the set of correct answer(s).

ARTS 2023 (workshop on the analysis and research of scientific texts)

The workshop on the Analysis and Research of Scientific Texts (ARTS) aims to be a place of meeting and exchange for researchers in Information Retrieval (IR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) who are interested to scientific texts. We invite communications that may relate to the themes, including, but not limited to:

  • Research and recommendation of scientific articles
  • Extraction of information in scientific texts, tables, figures, bibliography
  • Analysis of scientific documents
  • Recognition of named entities in scientific texts
  • Automatic summary of scientific texts
  • Citation analysis and recommendation
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Detection and verification of scientific claims
  • Argumentative analysis of scientific texts
  • Visualization of scientific knowledge
  • Translation of scientific texts
  • Datasets composed of scientific texts
  • Bibliometrics, scientometrics